Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy SK8MAFIA products, I can’t find them at my local skate shop?

A: Ask them to get it in. The guy behind the counter needs to know what they are missing in the shop. You can also check out our Purchase page for online retailers that carry our products.

Q: Can you send me some free stickers?

A: Send a standard sized self addressed stamped envelope; this is an envelope that has your address on it with a new unused stamp. If you send a blank envelope or an envelope without a stamp, we will not be able to send any stickers. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.

1965 Kellogg Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Q: How can I get sponsored by SK8MAFIA?

A: Send us a link to your footage at: info@sk8mafia4life.com
Because of the amount of emails we get we can’t respond to them all.

Q: I own a shop, how can I carry SK8MAFIA products?

A: Please contact sales@sk8mafia4life.com

1965 Kellogg Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 442-244-4550
Email: sales@sk8mafia4life.com

For general information contact: info@sk8mafia4life.com