SOME SKATE TEAMS like to travel in small numbers unannounced, the Sk8mafia are quite the opposite. Every other city they go these Hemiz gather momentum, adding new recruits and blazing spots in their wake. By the time I met up with them in Denver the original crew of 10 had more than doubled in size. Brandon Turner’s rap group the YCE boys had rented a van and were along for the ride. Seeing as they didn’t even have any shows scheduled I think they just wanted to come on the tour. Yeah the entire tour! Sam Hubble was supposed to just meet up with the crew as the ambassador for the preliminary stop in Salt Lake City before we made it to Denver, where the tour was supposed to start. They decided to just bring him along for the entire trip. It was a good thing too because Sam was on a tear, getting tricks at nearly every spot. All told at least three or four Denver homies hopped in as well to complete the armada. Who were all these random extras? The Hemiz! That’s who. –Joe Hammeke

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