Holla Zack A Day In Tijuana


Here is “A Day in Tijuana”, where we crossed over the border in the morning to link up with the T$ homies at La Bandera skatepark to mess around and get warmed up. Then we took it to the streets of TJ and hit as many spots as we could before the sun went down, only to follow up a long day skating with some tacos & beer. All and all it was a real fun day, so check it out and enjoy!

Featured Skaters:
Lenny Rivas
Kellen James
Larelle Gray
Adelmo Jumior
Paul Sewell
Pawel Krezel
Jaun Leno

Filmed & edited by:
Zack Mack

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Manu Chao – “Me Gustas Tu”

Jedi Mind Tricks – “The Darkest Throne” (interlude)

Smif N Wessun – “Toolz of the Trade” Instrumental