1.What have you been up to lately? Are you feeling 100% yet after your knee injury? I’ve been skating a lot. Been going out with the SK8MAFIA team every day still. My knee’s been feeling good, not quite 100%, but it’s getting there. It’s constantly sore but I can deal with that. Mentally I’m stronger, most of the fear is fading away.

2.What happened? How did you hurt it? And throughout the injury what did you do to keep your sanity? I was skating a gap in SD and tweaked my knee real bad. I was hoping it wasn’t anything to worry about so I chilled on it for a month or so then tried to skate again. I ended up tweaking it again and went to the doctor. They did the MRI and the result was a torn ACL. I had surgery within a couple weeks of the injury and was out for 7-9 months. I didn’t do much to keep sane, I definitely lost my mind many times, but somehow got it back. It was hell and I wish never to go through it again. Though it did make me who I am today. I appreciate a lot more.

3.Sk8mafia is one of the raddest companies in skateboarding! How did you initially get involved with them in the beginning? Just through skating and hanging out with people in my area. I always skated with the team so it made sense. Dan Connelly asked me if I wanted some boards and of course I said yeah. It started from there, after a while they turned Kellen pro and made me am.

4.I know you recently went to Barcelona to do some filming for the new sk8mafia Vid how was that? It was amazing. It was my first time to Spain. What made it even better was I was with my close homies. We had an apartment for a month in a prime location. Spots were superb, the people I met and friends I made are wonderful, just all around a really amazing time in my life. I cant wait to go back someday. Shot out to GINGERMAFIA holding it down out there.

5.What would you say is the biggest difference between skating there compared to the states? Biggest difference for me, besides the spots, is the lifestyle. It’s always good not to have to drive around thinking of a spot to go to. We could skate around the city all day, take the metro, and since everything was new to me and spots were everywhere, I had a lot more motivation to skate. Also the skaters there are much more cultured and pure than here in Cali. Nobody’s worried about being the next big thing or whatever, they’re just skating, all day everyday.

6.How was filming for the new Video different this time around compared to filming for the Am Video? Main difference was I was injured during the filming of this video. I only had a couple of clips before the injury so i wasn't even thinking I was gonna have a part. But with rehab and riding my bike daily, my knee got strong enough to start skating again with like 4 or 5 months before the deadline. So i was able to go to make it out to spain with the homies and try to film. It was scary at first because I thought my knee would give out at anytime, so there was a lot of paranoia which made it stressful at times. Also it left me restricted, i had to play it safe which wasn't too fun or exciting. Another difference was travelling, the am video part is all san diego spots

7.I always see you skating around town with the sk858 guys. What is sk858 and how did it come about? It’s my friends that I grew up with. We had a house, sk858 house, for a year. A lot of good times were had. That’s my second family. Nick Lamm started making SK858 videos with skating and lifestyle. Those videos can pretty much sum it up. 858 is the area code we all live in.

8. Give us a run down on what a usual day consists of for you in San Diego? Coffee, shower, usually meet up with Jimmy Cao everyday because we live real close to each other. Then, most of the time, we meet up at Dan’s and hop into the van and go skating from there. At night, there’s a lot of chilling going on since everybody’s sore. That’s been my day lately, skating and resting

9. You’ve done some of the most technical combos on ledges to date do you usually have a trick in mind before you get to the spot or feel it out and see what comes about? I don’t think about tricks too often. I like to just skate and see what happens. I do have those tricks that I think about for months, maybe years. Those tricks you can picture so clear in your head, those tricks that get ur heart racing when you think of them. To be able to make those dreams a reality is a beautiful thing.

10. If you can sum up the meaning of skateboarding in one word, what word would that be? TommyCantrell4life