Arnette EU Vid Part 2 featuring&Introducing Javier Sarmiento - See more at: http://www.sk8mafia4life.com/arnette-eu-vid-part-2-featuringintroducing-javier-sarmiento

Arnette Family Vacation

The Arnette team travels to Spain to spend a few days exploring the streets of Vigo and hanging out at O’Marisqueno! Featuring Pat Duffy, Scott Decenzo, Javier Sarmiento, Sierra Fellers, Cristian Sanchez, Willy Santos, Danny Leon, Fries Tailleu and Alain Goikoetxea.

- See more at: http://www.sk8mafia4life.com/arnette-eu-vid-part-2-featuringintroducing-javier-sarmiento/#sthash.rGUf6a7w.dpuf

Family Vacation - Vigo - Part 2/2