Sk8Mafia Monthly March 2014

March 2014     Featuring: Tyler Surrey, Jamie Palmore, Dorian Gray, Brandon Lefever, Jussi, Marius Syvanen, Wes Kremer, Jimmy Cao, Marshall Heath, Marcus Allen, Kellen James & Peter Smolik. Filmers: Bootz, Nick Lamm, Mike Crady, Troy Sanders, Jimmy Kappel & Dan Connelly Video by: Nick Lamm    Also watch this Full Part JSLV just dropped […]





Go to Thrasher and see SHANG HIGHER a  video from our recent trip to China with the JSLV Skate team that was featured in the March 2014 issue.

The Skateboard Mag | Wes Kremer Cover

TheSkateboardMagCheck out Wes Kremer on the cover of issue #121 from The Skateboard Mag

Sk8Mafia Monthly February 2014

FEBRUARY 2014     Active Ride Shop was kind enough to let us crash their park for this SMonthly! Thanks Active!! SK8MAFIA MONTHLY | FEB 2014 : Active – Park SMashers Featuring Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Kellen James, Dan Connelly, Nick Lamm, Jake Brown, Erik J Pettersson, Eric Ylikangas, Peter Smolik, Larelle Gray, Dorian Gray, […]

Sk8Mafia Monthly January 2014

JANUARY 2014     Start the new year off right with this new SMonthly Featuring Larelle Gray, Wes Kremer, Marshall Heath, Dorian Gray, Tyler Surrey, Kellen James, Jimmy Cao, Gilbert Marin, Jamie Palmore, Donger Kien Lieu & EJP Filmed by: Nick Lamm, Mike Crady, Adam Stepherson, Tyler Padgett & Larelle Gray Edited by: Nick Lamm […]

TheDeafWord | WES KREMER

You all know about Wes Kremer’s lack of an iPhone, his refusal to take photo incentives and of course, how much he loves to roll – ambiguity eh? So rather than rattle on, I’ll let the catch up with Wes speak for itself. Enjoy –

Photography – Mike Blabac

Interview – Stephen Cox

Sk8Mafia Monthly November 2013

NOVEMBER 2013 STEE SIDES “666”   This SMonthly We have some left overs from “STEE”   Featuring: Marshall Heath, Jimmy Cao & Jamie Palmore Guest skaters: Brandon Turner, Wes Kremer, Kellen James, & Larelle Gray Filmed by: Nick Lamm, Jim Kappel, Chris Ray, Mike Crady & Dan Connelly Edited by: Dan Connelly       […]